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WPC Децкинг

 DECKING - this is the most modern, practical and esthetic solution for any outdoor space. In order to bring your life outside the walls of your home, you should be well informed and select with precision your decking system

NATURAL WOOD or WPC DECKING (the so called artificial decking)?


Natural wood and wood-polymer composites (wpc) are both united under the same designation - DECKING. However, the difference between them is quite substantial to be considered equal. It consists mainly of the qualities and the durability of both materials. Plant species having the strength and resistance close to those of the wood-polymer composites are exceptionally scarce worldwide. Due to that reason, they are very rare and extremely expensive. They are used mainly in luxurious yachts building - e.g. the teak tree. But even those precious plant species heed annual maintenance such as impregnation with various oils. This is a labourious and not an easy process, without which the wooden decking loses its qualities, but mostly loses its vision.

In order to save us such excessive effort and to preserve the life of the precious trees, contemporary science has created decking of wood-polymer composites. It does not need any maintenance and retains its qualities, notwithstanding how aggressive the environment is.


WHAT IS WPC decking?

WPC - Wood Polymer Composites is, generally speaking, a composite (combination) of two main raw materials components - wooden particles and polymer. Decking producers rely on various formulas, where the per cent share of the implemented raw materials varies, as well as the polymer type. It could be polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, plastics, resins, etc. The physical and the chemical properties of the polymers differ substantially. This is the main reason of the existence of various decking systems, the properties of which do not allow to put a sign of equality between them. The rule that in order to create a quality product, the quality and the type of the implemented raw materials is vital, is in full force in our case.

RELAZZO- decking system for terraces

Декинг система за морска тераса

"Relazzo Bulgaria" OOD is the main importer of WPC decking systems for terraces - Relazzo - exclusive premium product of the German company REHAU. This innovative decking of the highest class is designated entirely for the needs of the outdoor spaces - for your terraces, platforms for restaurants and cafes, gardens, pavement around swimming pools and yacht marinas - exposed directly to rain, snow, freezing, sunshine. Relazzo WPC decking system is a wood-polymer composite product, which successfully combines the natural wood vision with the qualities of the modern polymers, namely - polypropylene (PP).

Technical characteristics of RELAZZO - WPC Decking System

RELAZZO Decking System's technical characteristics emphasize its numerous advantages compared to the natural wood and establish its indisputably leading position among all competitive WPC decking products.

An exclusive advantage of RELAZZO decking is the possibility of inbuilt heating systems for heating and defrosting the covering surface. This makes it an excellent solution for buildings in winter resorts and outdoor spa complexes, where the unhindered access is decisive.


 Raw material composition


  • 40% Polypropylene (РР)
  • 60% wooden particles with low residual humidity
  • Binding components
  • Mineral components
  • Colour pigments
  • Algicide + Fungicide


WPC The innovative interpretation of RAUWOOD product range

Undoubtedly, only wooden fibers from sustainably managed forests and environment friendly polypropylene are used for the production of RAUWOOD. The decking profiles' high quality has been proven by numerous tests by independent European laboratories.

The special surface treatment gives RELAZZO Decking System a vision of a natural wood product and at the same time its qualities exceed significantly those of the natural wood. RELAZZO WPC decking system for terraces has no splinters and does not pose a risk of scratches, it's not slippery and the feeling when walking barefoot is unique. 

The numerous advantages of this premium decking are notable in every instant - from the moment of laying to its daily use:


  • exceptional surface hardness
  • durability and strength of the decking system
  • unbreakable
  • resistance to any climatic conditions
  • easy laying and assembly
  • environment friendly materials
  • not slippery
  • no splinters and risk of scratches
  • easy maintenance
  • decking pavement that does not deform


You can download the RELAZZO Decking System brochure in PDF format in Bulgarian and German from here.